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Beijing Cat "Clean up" Update

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This is the update of one our angels in China. I sent her US$ 300 to start taking care of the homeless cats in her neighborhood.

Last night I also spoke to the other cat rescuer who reported exactly the same type of situation. But there is a little light in the darkness---She told me about this great new grassroots groups in Beijing, calling themselves "The new beautiful world" who is working hard to save stray pets but everything boils down to money and this is what they don't have. There is also another movement to protect the strays on two large university campus...but again -- the money problem. She is writing a full report on all this so I can post it here.


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To: Planeta Animal
Sent: Sunday, March 09, 2008 3:33 AM
Subject: Updated status

" Hi Rosa,

I got the money yesterday, but will go to change into RMB in next coming week days. thans so much for your helping!

Just sharing with you for what happening on my campus:

- As my living campus belongs to Army, all furniture/car box/sofa we built for cats were moved/cleaned yesterday very througly and completely by soilders, even the water/meal bowls.

I moved some of the furniture ahead of their action, with helps from one friend, we moved two cabinets and cushions two days ago in my apartment, but sofa is so heavy for us to move, we have no choice just leave it there.

Rightnow there is Nothing there, for the sofa has been using by the babies for two years, rightnow, they can't find place to sleep and hide, they are so poor, the only shelter for them are moved away, the weather is still a bit cold for them to sleep on ground.

All cat friends in my living campus are so angry, but can't say anything,,,,,

We re put new bowls for cat to eat and drink yesterday, but worry they will be throwed away/cleaned quite soon.

We just do sth that we can do, and wait the total campaign is finished, then we will re put the hided cabinets back when it is safe, but don't know when,,,,

All the cats are sleeping under scrubs around, although it is cold in the nights,,

I will start to catch another pregnant girls tonight, hope successful,

Thanks "



Serbian Animals Voice

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New web site dedicated to serbian animals:


From: epar

Sent: Saturday, March 08, 2008 7:41 PM
Subject: Serbian Animals Voice

Campaign 2008.:

Serbian Animals Voice

New web site dedicated to serbian animals:

Alliance for Animal Rights


Japanese whalers clash with activists in Antarctic

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TOKYO (AP) -- Anti-whaling activists threw rotten
butter and bottles containing an unidentified liquid
at a Japanese whaling vessel in the Antarctic Friday,
and the Japanese Coast Guard responded by throwing
sound-emitting "warning balls" back at the activists.

A leading protester claimed he was shot at but was
saved from injury by his bulletproof vest. Japanese
authorities denied firing any gun shots.

The high seas clash is the latest incident involving
the anti-whaling Sea Shepherd group and a fleet of
Japanese whalers now in Antarctic waters on their
annual hunt.

Activists aboard the Sea Shepherd ship threw several
bottles containing what is believed to be rotten
butter, more than 10 paper bags of white powder, as
well as several bottles containing an unidentified
white liquid at the Nisshin Maru, according to Hideki
Moronuki, chief of the Japanese Fishing Agency's
whaling section.

There were no injuries among the Nisshin Maru crew, he

The Nisshin Maru radioed warnings to the Sea Shepherd
to desist. But the protesters did not, and the Nisshin
Maru, which has Coast Guard escorts on board,
responded by lobbing seven warning balls at the Sea
Shepherd, Moronuki said.

Paul Watson, the founder of Sea Shepherd, said the
clash was more serious.

"I felt an impact on my chest at one point," he told
the Australian Broadcasting Corp. "I didn't think too
much of it at the time. When I opened up my Mustang
survival suit, and I have a Kevlar bulletproof vest,
there was a bullet lodged in."

He said the impact left a bruise.

"If I wasn't wearing my vest, it would have been
pretty serious," he said.

Moronuki denied allegations that shots were fired.

"We did not fire any shots," Moronuki said. "We will,
again, urge the Netherlands to handle this issue
firmly," he said.

The activists' ship is licensed in the Netherlands.

It was impossible to verify either side's account of
the clash, which occurred in remote waters 3,000
kilometers (1,600 nautical miles) south-southwest of
Melbourne in the Antarctic Ocean, according to the
Coast Guard.

Sea Shepherd and other anti-whaling groups have
repeatedly harassed the Japanese whaling fleet to
interfere with the hunt. Japan kills about 1,000
whales every year under an internationally approved
research program.

Japan has accused the activists of terrorist tactics.
Sea Shepherd, meanwhile, has called on Japan to stop
its hunt.

Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith issued two
statements on the incident Friday. Initially Smith
said Japan had informed Australian diplomats in Tokyo
that a crew member aboard a whaling vessel had fired
warning shots.

About 30 minutes later, Smith issued another statement
saying Japanese officials had subsequently advised
Australian diplomats that no gunshots had been fired,
but that three "warning balls" had been thrown. He
said warning balls were also known as "flash bangs."

"I absolutely condemn actions by crew members of any
vessel that cause injury -- or have the potential to
cause injury -- to anyone on the high seas," Smith

"The Australian government once again calls on all
parties in the Southern Ocean -- including all protest
and whaling vessels, and their respective crews -- to
exercise restraint," he said.

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whaling ship
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with rotten butter
Anti-whaling protesters say they found Japanese
whalers in Antarctic Ocean

�iMainichi Japan�j March 7, 2008

Japan Whaling Association Media Release


3 March 2008

Sea Shepherd stages terrorist attack again on Japanese
whale research fleet in the Antarctic

On March 3, at around 7:00 a.m. Japan time, the Sea
Shepherd Conservation Society's vessel, the Steve
Irwin, threw more than 100 bottles containing butyric
acid onto the Japanese Antarctic whale research
mothership Nisshin Maru, causing injuries to two
Japanese coast guard officers and two members of the

Mr. Keiichi Nakajima, president of the Japan Whaling
Association, accused the repeated terrorist actions by
Sea Shepherd in strong terms, saying "The researchers
and crew are onboard the fleet to engage in legal and
legitimate whale research on the high seas. Such
blatant violence against them should not be condoned."

"In order to secure safety of the crew on the research
fleet, the government of Australia, where the Steve
Irwin made the last port call, as well as the
government of the Netherlands, which is flag State of
the vessel, should take urgent and effective measures
to stop these violent actions by the terrorist group,"
Mr. Nakajima said.


100,000 dogs given second chance at life ( India )

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# Story Highlights
# Kashmir authorities decide not to exterminate 100,000 dogs in anti-rabies drive
# Plan halted after protests from animal rights groups
# Officials say they will work on a plan with welfare groups to sterilize stray dogs

SRINAGAR, Indian-Administered Kashmir (AP) -- Authorities in Indian-Administered Kashmir's main city have canceled plans to poison nearly 100,000 stray dogs as part of an anti-rabies program, an official said Friday after protests from animal rights groups.

Authorities have decided not to poison 100,000 stray dogs for anti-rabies drive.

Local officials would instead work on a plan to sterilize the strays in cooperation with animal welfare groups and a team from the federal environment ministry, said Syed Haq Nawaz, commissioner of the Srinagar Municipal Corporation.

"We're not going ahead with this poisoning. Not at all," Nawaz said.

About 500 dogs had already been killed by Friday, according to Dr. Riyaz Ahmad, the Srinagar health officer who first revealed the plan to poison the city's nearly 100,000 stray dogs with strychnine.

India has the world's highest rabies fatality rate and has struggled with ways to control the millions of stray dogs that live on its streets, a problem exacerbated by its rapidly growing cities and slums.

Nawaz gave no reasons for the change in plans but animal-rights activists had vowed to go to court to try to stop the slaughter, calling it inhumane and a violation of a law banning cruelty to animals.

Activists welcomed Friday's announcement.

"It's a welcome step that they have given up the idea of poisoning dogs. They should create awareness that not every dog is rabid," said Javaid Iqbal Shah, the deputy head of the Srinagar Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals.

India accounts for more than 60 percent of the estimated 35,000 annual global rabies deaths, according to the World Health Organization, and stray dogs are often blamed.

In some areas, dogs form feral packs that have attacked people. However, other strays are "community pets," semi-tame animals who are cared for and fed by local residents.

Other Indian cities have also struggled to curb the stray problem.

India's high-tech hub of Bangalore called off a drive to slaughter strays last year following allegations that untrained workers were stoning, strangling and beating the dogs to death.

In New Delhi, one city councilor suggested shipping the country's strays to Korea, where dog meat is considered a delicacy.

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Swiss to ban cat fur trade after pets vanish

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Switzerland is to ban the trade in cat fur following an outcry in France over the disappearance of hundreds of domestic cats allegedly poached for their soft coats.

By Henry Samuel in Paris

Switzerland is to ban the trade in cat fur following an outcry in France over the disappearance of hundreds of domestic cats allegedly poached for their soft coats.

Under Swiss law, it is permitted to kill stray cats and sell their fur for £3 a piece to tanneries.

Cat fur products in clothes and belts are believed to ease rheumatism.

However, the Swiss have come under intense pressure to end the practice after hundreds of domestic cats vanished over the French border.

The cat activist group SOS Chat accused poachers of stealing pets and selling them to tanners in violation of Swiss law which bans the import of cat fur but allows domestic production and sale.

According to local animal rights groups, dozens of cats were reported missing in one day in several border villages, and their collars left behind. In response, the Swiss police set up a special cat unit called Félin 74, but found no organised cat ring.

The Swiss parliament is due to debate the ban this month. "By this summer it will be resolved," said Luc Barthassat, a Swiss national councillor. "It was not possible to ignore such a (protest) movement even if there is clearly a sentimentalist part to it", he said.

A petition signed by 106,000 people including Michael Schumacher the former Formula One driver who is a Swiss resident, and long-time animal rights advocate Brigitte Bardot, was handed to the Swiss parliament yesterday.

It calls for Switzerland to come into line with European Union rules outlawing cat fur production in all member states this year. Swiss tanners deny buying French cats.
"This organised killing must stop," said Patricia Dolciani, local president of the animal protection league.




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