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Shelters in Need of Funding ( Hua Hin, Thailand )

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This is one of our most important projects, so I will focus on Dawn's shelter animals (along with shelter animals in Peru and Argentina) soon under "Projects".

Dear Friends:
At no fault of my own I have been off line for about three weeks due to unforeseen computer problems. I got my computer back on Friday and it's taken me three days to get all of the addresses back into my address book.
I have been in touch with Dawn in Thailand and she is in need of more donations as she has to move from the shelter she is in now as the Hua Hin government is taking over her area. She has found land that one of the Temples will lease to her for $35.00 per month, but she is now in need of money to build a new shelter. We are hoping that the Marchig Trust will help out, but of course we can't rely on them.
Our two shelters, one in Peru which specializes in spay/neuter/release and our Argentina shelter where we have over 100 animals from cats to dogs to horses is also in need of donations.
I hate having to keep asking for donations, but you are their hope.
It is people like you that help us to save the lives of these dear souls.
Hopefully, I will have my tax number within the next few months, and then we will be able to get corporate sponsors. Regrettably, the tax office in Ottawa told me there are over 481,000 charities that have applied for tax exempt number and we have to get in line.
I sincerely hope that all of you are well and living the good life,
Kindest regards to all,

For easier access to our pay pal button, please click here:



Cats are out as Beijing starts to preen itself

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Animal welfare activists in Beijing are up in arms
over a decision by the city government to clear the
capital of its stray cats as part of a sweeping
Olympic facelift.


From The Times
February 25, 2008

Cats are out as Beijing starts to preen itself
Jane Macartney in Beijing

Animal welfare activists in Beijing are up in arms
over a decision by the city government to clear the
capital of its stray cats as part of a sweeping
Olympic facelift.

No one knows exactly how many homeless cats roam the
city�fs streets and alleys but the Capital Animal
Welfare Assocation says 160,000 to 200,000 animals at
the very minimum are at risk from the new campaign.

Strays are already being caught and transported to a
holding pen in the suburban county of Changping.
Animal welfare activists described seeing the cats
crowded together in cages the size of a microwave
oven. They estimated almost 90 per cent of the animals
were clearly diseased and many had been neutered with
rudimentary surgery that had led to infections. The
order states that strays still unclaimed after 14 days
will be �gdealt with�h.

Qin Xiaona, head of the animal welfare association,
told The Times: �gThis is nothing less than torture.
And the situation is much worse than this for dogs.�h

The drive was announced by the city�fs agricultural
bureau director at a recent meeting of the municipal
parliament. He ordered that all stray cats must be
caught and taken off the streets before the end of
June to ensure the city looks its best for the
two-week-long Olympic games starting on August 8.

Mrs Qin said: �gThe officials said they did not want
the Olympic athletes to see a single stray animal.
This is partly because the Chinese care so much about

Orders have already been sent out to the neighbourhood
committees that are responsible for maintaining order
and implementing government directives throughout the
18 districts of Beijing. Mrs Qin described seeing
committee officials holding meetings in the Eastern
District in the city centre and calling on residents
to round up stray cats.

She said: �gCats are beneficial to the community in a
city like Beijing because they catch rats. If people
catch all the stray cats then can you imagine how
terrible the problem of rats could become?�h This
newest campaign to empty the city streets of roaming
animals does not include stray dogs since these have
been banned in Beijing for many years and are
regularly cleared out by the police.

The animal welfare activists said it would be
extremely difficult to rid Beijing of the cats that
live wild in the many nooks and crannies of the
ancient alleys that criss-cross the old centre of the
capital. But this is not the first time that the
capital has declared war on an animal.

In the 1950s, Mao Zedong launched the �gFour Pests�h
campaign when citizens were ordered to kill flies,
mosquitoes, rats and sparrows. The mass slaughter of
sparrows had unintended consequences, resulting in an
explosion of the locust population.

Mrs Qin said her group had offered to work with the
government in case of any campaign to ensure the
city�fs cats were handled in a humane manner, but
their proposals had been ignored.

�gI have a question for the International Olympic
Committee and the athletes: Do they feel that they can
take part comfortably in the Olympics if the price of
the games is the lives of so many animals?�h

She also had fighting words for the organisers. �gWe
Beijing residents are ready to go without electricity,
without water, without cars if the Games can be a
success. But we are opposed to an Olympics that will
cost the lives of animals. We feel this is tragic.�h

Copyright 2008 Times Newspapers Ltd.


Teens Charged in Animal Mutilation Case (US)

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Teens Charged in Animal Mutilation Case

Cat Abuse
"I've been involved in these investigations for 32 years and this is the most grotesque situation I've ever seen with a cat."

You won't believe what two local teenagers did to a family pet. We have to warn you, the story you're about to see is extremely disturbing. Local 12 has learned that animal cruelty charges have been filed against a 16-year-old boy and his 14-year-old friend, for what experts say is one of the worst cruelty cases they've ever seen.

Local 12's Rich Jaffe says the attack on the tiny animal began last Wednesday night and continued into the next day.

The horrific case came to light when two Reading Junior/Senior High School students began bragging to classmates about what they'd done.

Harold Dates, SPCA Cincinnati: "I can refer to the Ohio Revised Code. It says no person shall knowingly torture, torment, needlessly mutilate or maim, cruelly beat, poison, needlessly kill or commit an act of cruelty against a companion animal, almost all of the things in that specific section of the code were done to this cat."

One of the boys told investigators he punched the cat, a family pet, in the face Wednesday night, then bragged to classmates about spraying it in the face with insecticide and lysol. Coming home from school Thursday, he and a 14 year old friend are accused of literally beating the life out of the already injured animal.

"Confronted by the allegations of what they had done by an investigator from SPCA Cincinnati, the two teens admitted to it, and then they took her to a side yard where they had buried the mutilated animal."

"The skull of the animal is totally crushed, there's not an identifying bone there, the cervical vertebrae...they've been crushed too, the scapula or shoulder blade is crushed..."

In addition, the cats eyes were popped out, legs broken, a stake driven into it, and its brain removed.

Dr. Tamara Goforth, Veterinarian: "Most of the trauma was on the front end, but on the back end there is a pelvic fracture, and there is a fracture here on the rear leg that is probably about a month old."

"My main concern is that this individual is helped in some way shape or form so that these acts don't continue and escalate to the next easiest victim."

Both teens are facing the stiffest possibly cruelty charges...

Rich Jaffe, Local 12.

School officials at Reading tell us both teens are still in school, and they are working with the families to see that the children get counseling.

A good news from China!

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Hi everyone,

I am happy to inform you that a new group of animal people has just been formed in China, one that our very own Dan will be involved with. The links below are all in Chinese : -( so I have no idea what they say. However, Dan tells me she met their leaders in the animal seminar she just attended in Shanghai. The people are regular citizens who started spaying/neutering/returning cats and dogs in the streets of Beijing. So far, they have spayed/neutered well over 2000 pets, and they do it all out of pocket.

What's very interesting too, is that this work is done mostly by young man (it is usually women) who work relentlessly to thin out the worrisome number of abandoned pets in the streets of Beijing. They are calling themselves "Beautiful New World or Beautiful Heard World.

This is really uplifting.

Additionally, Dan is applying for an internship with the Humane Society International for the Conference which will take place in Orlando, May 14 -17. I plan to attend, and so does Barbara from our group. This will be a great opportunity to finally meet someone from China, directly involved in the day to day situation of the animals in that country.

Scarlett which has the www.beijingcat.org will soon be equipped with a computer/printer and desk which is a grant from The Misha Foundation. Then, she can start expanding her animal rescue operation as well as helping out with spreading the word online. Her website is very organized and she accepts donation thru PayPal to help her kitties.

More later!


More info: www.people4animals.org
This site is under construction, but it has some preliminary
information about our project.

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To: Planeta Animal
Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2008 5:13 AM
Subject: Beautiful New World or Beautiful Heart World stray animals
trapping team

Rosa! Thanks for calling today.
Below information is about the Beautiful New World or Beautiful Heart World Stray Animals Trapping Team in Beijing.


This is about the contact information of the team members. There're 8 of them. "If you live in the western region of Beijing, contact XXX at XXX" ..."What you wish us to do for you and what you can do for the stray animals" – mainly people need their help to trap the stray cats or dogs; and some of them can provide the fund and some can't. The Team normally will send the trapped cats/dogs to the animal hospital they've been working closely with in the past years - the simple hospital is owned by a young man who also loves animals. He only charges budget fee for the neuter/spay operations and hospitalization and vaccination. Very nice man.

This is their work report.

This is the blog site of a friend of me who's also a animal rescuer. It's about one trapping action of the team at the Fragrant Hill of Beijing. There're lots of abandoned cats - people abandoned their cats there because it's far from the city. The cats can't find the way home

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