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Beijing Cat "Clean up" Update

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This is the update of one our angels in China. I sent her US$ 300 to start taking care of the homeless cats in her neighborhood.

Last night I also spoke to the other cat rescuer who reported exactly the same type of situation. But there is a little light in the darkness---She told me about this great new grassroots groups in Beijing, calling themselves "The new beautiful world" who is working hard to save stray pets but everything boils down to money and this is what they don't have. There is also another movement to protect the strays on two large university campus...but again -- the money problem. She is writing a full report on all this so I can post it here.


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Sent: Sunday, March 09, 2008 3:33 AM
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" Hi Rosa,

I got the money yesterday, but will go to change into RMB in next coming week days. thans so much for your helping!

Just sharing with you for what happening on my campus:

- As my living campus belongs to Army, all furniture/car box/sofa we built for cats were moved/cleaned yesterday very througly and completely by soilders, even the water/meal bowls.

I moved some of the furniture ahead of their action, with helps from one friend, we moved two cabinets and cushions two days ago in my apartment, but sofa is so heavy for us to move, we have no choice just leave it there.

Rightnow there is Nothing there, for the sofa has been using by the babies for two years, rightnow, they can't find place to sleep and hide, they are so poor, the only shelter for them are moved away, the weather is still a bit cold for them to sleep on ground.

All cat friends in my living campus are so angry, but can't say anything,,,,,

We re put new bowls for cat to eat and drink yesterday, but worry they will be throwed away/cleaned quite soon.

We just do sth that we can do, and wait the total campaign is finished, then we will re put the hided cabinets back when it is safe, but don't know when,,,,

All the cats are sleeping under scrubs around, although it is cold in the nights,,

I will start to catch another pregnant girls tonight, hope successful,

Thanks "